Clothes Buyers

Here a Clothes Buyers we take in all of you unwanted clothing, accessories and soft toys and instead of throwing them away we will recycle them and dispute them around the world to families in need.

It is a little-known fact that more than one million tonnes of clothing, accessories and soft toys are thrown away as rubbish annually, the majority of this all comes from domestic sources. Clothing, footwear and similar textiles comprise about 12 per cent of the rubbish in landfills located in the UK alone.

Approximately only one-quarter of that total are recycled. Clothes Buyers take all old and lightly used clothing from the homes of consumers and deliver it to people in need, Clothes Buyers helps prevent further pollution of the environment, preserves invaluable resources and provides essential basic clothing to those in need all over the world.

How Do Clothes Buyers Help the Environment?

Many of the materials that comprise our clothing are synthetic in nature. These man-made fibers include spandex, rayon, polyester, acrylic, carbon fiber and nylon. These incredibly common materials are inherently resistant to the forces of natural decomposition, meaning that they may remain within a given landfill for hundreds of years. Even natural fibers look wool, which do decompose, pose a threat to the environment if tossed out and left to sit in a landfill. As the wool decomposes, it produces and releases the gas known as methane. Methane is connected with the gradual warming of the environment in general and should be kept out of landfills at all cost.

How Do Clothes Buyers Help the People of the World?

Countries that are adversely affected by the fluctuations of the economy are in dire need of assistance from other areas of the world. Your unwanted clothing may very well be precisely what a desperate family from another country needs to survive. Aside from helping out in other places in the world, Clothes Buyers takes your old and unused clothing and offers it to individuals that are in need of new clothes in your own area.

We recycle clothing of all sizes and types and other textiles from homes, businesses and any other source that wishes to discard old materials for a good cause. We pay up to 40p a kilo. Instead of throwing away your unwanted clothing, that will fill landfills and pollute the environment, take this opportunity to help someone in need.

Please view your local depot for opening times